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November 14th, 2004

01:54 pm
pictures from longbeach
weve been going up there lately to visit JD
sooo much better than vista
TONS of hot guyes, clubs, frats, and pledges that drive us around.
(i didnt take that many pics. bc my camera is so annoying to carry around)
Longbeach BiotchesCollapse )

some fucker stole my new digital camera buuuut alyssa got it back for me!!! thank you sooo much!!!
here are some of the pictures from the begenning of the nite
paaaarty picsCollapse )

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November 8th, 2004

01:44 pm
this weekend was so perfectly random.
mary and i decided to be adventerous, so we headed to venice around 2pm
as we made our way down there, we realized it was gona be dark soon
since venice is kinda scary at nite we decided to save venice for another weekend
instead we decided to go somewhere else.
sooo we saw a longbeach exit and then accidently found CSULB...
we explored the campus for awhile taking random picture by signs and fountains.
then we called matt alteri who lives down there...
theeen we did some shopping and got sushi and really bad tea.
theeen we decided to meet up w/ JD, we met a buncha his frat boyfriends.
currently contemplating whether to go back up on thursday for a 'bus party'
whatever that is :)

Mary Gav, i love yooou, and i had alota fun,
seems like we always know how to make the best of things...
"and then there was two" (quote of the nite lol)

PS: Today is my Birthday!! <3 im officially 18!!
Tonite = dinner in SD w/ family + gav + chrisy
Party this weekend, not sure when, either fri or sat
If someone would get me the Tommy Lee Porn viedo i would be very happy. i cant find it newhere :(

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October 31st, 2004

09:31 pm - mmm so sorry but myspace is the new live journal.
mmm, its been awhile, i guess i spend more time on myspace now, what can i say?!
neways i finally figured out how to work my digital camera so i have some pictures to post :)
mmm, what else, my birthday is coming up, ill be 18!! what now boitch
(nov 8 to be exact, bring me presents :P)
i think ima have a party down at the beach, bc my parents are renting me a condo for the weekend,
not sure of the exact weekend yet, buuuut ill keep the select few posted <3

(Halloween 2004)Collapse )

(Pics from Joeys smaaall but fun party)Collapse )

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August 24th, 2004

05:00 pm - just because
i miss high school, not high school itself, but a select few who are still there...i miss u ms.gav...(hah who saw that one coming?!) neways i love ya, and thank you for calling me almost everyday just to talk n 'catch up' n whatnot...it makes me haaappy :)

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August 15th, 2004

02:05 pm - summers almost ooover :(
summers been good, i cant believe its almost over and i hafta go to college
well, just Palomar, i dont know if that really even counts.
mmm, last nite was sick.
i had a graduation party w/ the family n neighbors n whatnot during the day,
then all of my friends started showing up around 10
we kept it small, about 25 of us
we did body shots and managed to finish almost 2 gallons of what was left in the margarita machine.
yeeeeaa!! Ryan Flynn n Shane came over, i havent seen em since Tristians thing, i was stoooked.
annnnd i got to hangout w/ Courtney who i hadnt seen ina while...
haha we spent some time in the bathroom haha...nonetheless it was a fun nite.

(pics from grad. party)Collapse )

PS: Ms.Gav and i went to LA the other day. it was alota fun.
we went shopping on Rodeo Drive, i bought a Tiffany's necklace to match my braclet,
and Mary bought some Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.
theeeen we went down to the Santa Monica pier, it was so pretty,
i tried to take a picture but Mary drove to fast so i missed it :P
mmm, we drove around the city and looked at fancy house's, we saw Elton John's and saw Busta Rhymes driving.
woop woop, very fun/exhausting day...PS: lots of traffic.

us in LA in front of Tiffany's
Current Mood: amusedamused

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July 30th, 2004

04:26 pm
haha it was funny...
my mom came home from the mall today & shes says, "Chelsae, what is a 'milt'?"
i was like "mmm i dont kno what a 'milt' is mom."
then she says...
"well it was really weird while i was at the mall 2 guyes came up and told me i was one"
i was like "ooooh u mean a 'milf'?!"
and she was like "yea thats it!"
soooo i told her what it was...
she was embaressed and said "no wonder they were laughing when i said oh thank you"

hah thats pimp.

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July 28th, 2004

04:22 pm
ooommmmgoooosh ive been babysitting since 9am
i am beyond being extremely booored...
mmm i got my hair highlighted
mmm i <3 Chris
mmm i havent gone to a party in like 10 yrs
im over it.

on a much more devestating note,
mary gav my lover is leaving for new york tomorrow
i want to cry bc i will miss her x1000000000000000
tonite ms.gav and i are having a 'girls nite' which includes:
walmart, hair stuff, milkshakes, and movies.
what now biotch.

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July 16th, 2004

10:35 am
again, im babysitting and im bored to death
my moma is on her way over,
im gona drag this kid w/ us to barnes and nobles,
the bookstore is one of my most faaavorite places ever.
hmm...mooooom wheeere aaaare yooooou.

i think today will be a good day.
chris is at the beach...hmmm
i love him, but i haaaate his job
too many dumb girls at the mall...
he needs a sign "property of chelsae" heh jk.
hes wonderful.
i love this feeling.

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July 14th, 2004

02:58 pm - babysitting and im booored
seven things biotchCollapse )
Current Music: jimmy eat world -x- hear you me

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July 11th, 2004

05:13 pm
yesterday was quite eventful.
mary and i decided to do some much needed shopping
we decided to go down to san diego...
on our way down there we almost died, and the rest of the day followed w/ shitty events,
shitty event #1: The accident, which involved a cliff, marys 'bald' tires and downhill speed
shitty event #2: Neither of us bought nehting in San diego
shitty event #3: My Tiffany's braclet that we went to pick up now has to be shipped to my house
bc it was too big and they had to take out a link.
shitty event #4: We met a weeeiiird guy at the mall who worked at Hollister and who cliamed to
be a model along w/other things.
shitty event #5: Chris claimed he was going to 'knock out our new weird friend'
shitty event #6: The in-n-out people forgot to give us ketchup
shitty event #7: Stupid Juan went to Fullerton so we didnt get to hangout w/him and he missed out
on our new cute matching Hollister outfits.

overall the day was kinda blah...
--but we did get a 40% discount at Hollister from the weird boy
--and we mistakenly ran into Cody and Matt, they rescued us from
the gayest party of the year and we hungout w/ them instead.
--oh, and we saw Walter, our homie from back in the day.

and that concludes my saterday, what fun.
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Im sound

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